Restaurant Participation

MyDiningPass-PremierMyDiningPass is a Dining Club and comes in the form of a contemporary stainless steel card with beautiful etching on both sides. Unlike other programs, restaurants create any discount they want and it is free for restaurants to participate.

Our multi-faceted and innovative Dining Club helps restaurant owners drive revenue and increase exposure while providing diners with a discount chosen 100% by the restaurant. Additionally, we want to eliminate the bulky print-out paper coupons and provide a modern approach that gives members the feeling they belong to an exclusive club.

MyDiningPass is a contemporary black stainless steel card with beautiful etching on both sides. It is open to the general public and sold for $29.95 for a 1 year membership.

MyDiningPass Premier
MyDiningPass Premier is a contemporary black/gold stainless steel card. It is a private membership and reserved exclusively for high-end apartment/condo buildings looking for resident appreciation gifts and corporations for use as employee incentives and client gifts. MyDiningPass Premier focuses on restaurants within close proximity of each apartment, condo, and office building ensuring a high customer return rate.

MyDiningPass Premier has partnered with Holland Residential, a high-end apartment building developer with buildings throughout Washington. Holland Residential purchases MyDiningPass Premier for the residents of three high-end buildings in South Lake Union and First Hill/Capitol Hill.

Member Benefits

  • Unique discounts all year created exclusively for MyDiningPass members.
  • No coupon printing. MyDiningPass Premier is a stainless steel card with beautiful etching on both sides.
  • Easy to use. Slide your stainless steel card in with your bill and the server adjusts the total.
  • Return to any of the restaurants cafes, bakeries and wineries as many times as you want, all year and try new ones.
  • New restaurants, cafes, bakeries and wineries are added regularly.

Restaurant Benefits

  • There is no cost for restaurants to participate.
  • Each restaurant creates their own individual and unique discount.
  • No paper coupons. MyDiningPass keeps your restaurant image intact with a contemporary stainless steel card with beautiful etching on both sides.
  • MyDiningPass is a one year membership and not a one-time deal, thus eliminating restaurants inundated by customer redemption.

We are always looking for great new restaurants, cafes, bakeries and wineries. Please contact us for more information & to sign up today!

Stacee Edwards
Sales & Marketing Director
(206) 841-3277