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Lost or Stolen Cards
MyDiningPass is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Make sure to keep it in a safe place.

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When you want. Where you want.
Visit any of our participating restaurants as many times as you want within the 1 year period.

Visit one of our participating restaurants, enjoy your meal, and at its completion provide MyDiningPass along with your method of payment. Your server will discreetly make the deduction and return your bill with the adjusted total.

Each participating restaurant has created their own individual discount. These discounts can change at any time so please check the website for updated discount and restaurant information.

MyDiningPass expires 1 year after purchase. Each MyDiningPass has an expiration date clearly stated on the back of the card.

MyDiningPass can only be used at participating restaurants. Not valid with any other special, coupon, offer or discount. Discount does not include tax or gratuity. MyDiningPass is valid for 1 year after purchase. MyDiningPass is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Restaurants may also have their own restrictions so please see our list of participating restaurants for an updated list of restaurants, discounts, and restrictions.